Behind the Bag: Proyager’s Harmony Weekender Duffle

Inspired by the diversity and richness of Australia’s unique and vibrant multicultural groups, each Proyager bag tells an Australian story. In naming all of our bags, we pay homage to cultural groups and communities across Australia. Learn more about the inspirations and origins of each of our products in our Behind the Bag series.

Behind the Bag: Proyager’s Harmony Weekender Duffle

The first star of our Behind the Bag series is our Harmony Weekender Duffle.

Available in Olive Green and Navy Blue, the Harmony Weekender Duffle is a versatile and multi functional bag that offers impressive durability. Designed in Melbourne and crafted from heavy-duty canvas, this duffle is ideal for adventures across Victoria and beyond.

Learn more about the history and inspiration behind our Harmony Weekender Duffle.

Design and Name Origins

As we relaunched the day after Harmony Day in 2016, we wanted our first bag to be a celebration of diversity in Australia.

Celebrated each year on on 21 March, Harmony Day emphasises inclusiveness, respect and belonging for people of all backgrounds and cultures. Essential in contributing to the diverse and rich multicultural landscape of Australia, each person inherently brings their own cultural value and perspective to our society.

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity, and we wanted our Harmony Weekender Duffle to do just that. Our duffle encourages a sense of adventure, freedom and exploration, urging you towards seeking out new experiences in cultures within Australia and across the world.

Emphasising Growth and Freedom

The Harmony Weekender Duffle is a representation of growth and freedom in Australia. Throughout our country, different cultures and groups work in harmony to create a society that offers opportunity, success and prosperity to all people. While still having the freedom to practice and celebrate each unique culture, we work together to grow, learn and progress as a whole.

Drawing inspiration from the harmonious way in which we experience life in Australia, the Harmony Weekender Duffle exudes a sense of adventure. Travel to diverse places, meet new people, experience new cultures and dive deep into different societies. Get to know unique stories and perspectives through adventure and exploration with your Proyager.

Versatile and Diverse

Designed for light travel and leisure, the Harmony Weekender Duffle is crafted from heavy-duty canvas fabric trimmed with genuine leather. Featuring multiple pockets and storage areas, representing the plethora of cultures in Australia, you can keep your belongings safe and secure on your next adventure. Tuck away your passport and devices securely in the smaller storage zones and keep your larger items safe in the main compartment and two side compartments.

Able to be used as both an everyday bag and a travel bag, this duffle offers versatility, reliability and style. Made for adventure and inspired by the diversity of Australian cultures, shop the Harmony Weekender Duffle in Olive Green (*very limited stock available) and Navy Blue.

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