Behind the Bag: Proyager's Ikon Camera Messenger Bag

Inspired by the diversity and richness of Australia’s unique and vibrant multicultural groups, each Proyager bag tells an Australian story. In naming all of our bags, we pay homage to cultural groups and communities across Australia. Learn more about the inspirations and origins of each of our products in our Behind the Bag series.

Proyager's Ikon Camera Messenger Bag

Next up in Behind the Bag is the Ikon Camera Messenger Bag. Named after the Greek concept of images and portraits, the Ikon Camera Messenger Bag is aptly named to store your photography equipment in style. Available in Honey Coffee and Olive Green, this inconspicuous camera bag houses your tech away from prying eyes. Large and durable enough to keep your camera, accessories and other belongings safe and secure, you can carry your tech on-the-go without drawing attention to what’s inside.

Ikon Brown canvas camera messenger bag front view with zippered pocket on flap

Ikon canvas camera messenger bag internal view with removable padded compartmentRear zippered pocket of Ikon canvas camera messenger bag

Celebrating the Influence of Greek Ideals

Pioneering knowledge, logical thinking and modern thought, Greek civilisations are responsible for a number of concepts that we take for granted. From the alphabet and the library through to democracy and trial by jury, Greeks paved the way for society as we know it.

Breaking Down Assumptions of Beauty

Throughout Greek mythology and Greek philosophy, norms and assumptions were shattered to make way for modern ideas that resonate even millennium later. The Ikon Camera Messenger Bag, inspired by the boldness and confidence of ancient and modern Greeks, encourages you to capture your own images, visions and ideals of beauty with your camera. From understated scenes of everyday life to photographs of history in the making, you’re empowered to create your own definitions of beauty worth capturing.

Stylish and Inconspicuous

Olive green Ikon canvas camera messenger bag front flap with zippered pocketOlive green Ikon canvas camera messenger bag open flap internal view with padded compartmentOlive green Ikon canvas camera messenger bag side angle view

Gone are the days of bulky, black and super obvious camera bags. Instead of advertising the contents of your bag, our Ikon Camera Messenger Bag appears like more of an everyday bag on the outside while boasting all the essential compartments and padding you need on the inside.

Stylish and inconspicuous, you can feel confident knowing that your tech isn’t on display for shifty hands. Enjoy exploring, wandering and adventuring with the freedom to access your camera tucked right by your side.

Capture once-in-a-lifetime shots and document incredible sights on film. Shop Proyager’s Ikon Camera Messenger Bag in Honey Coffee and Olive Green to store your camera, equipment and accessories in style.

Main cover photo of our Ikon Camera Messenger bag in the beautiful Irish countryside by: Bella Rose CityGirlGoesCountry Media

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