Behind the Bag: Proyager's Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack

Inspired by the diversity and richness of Australia’s unique and vibrant multicultural groups, each Proyager bag tells an Australian story. In naming all of our bags, we pay homage to cultural groups and communities across Australia. Learn more about the inspirations and origins of each of our products in our Behind the Bag series.

Behind the Bag: Proyager's Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack

In this Behind the Bag, we delve deep into the Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack.

Multifunctional, versatile and high quality, the Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack is designed to accompany you on light hiking days and explorations to commutes to and from work.

Light Khaki 14 to 15 inch laptop backpack                              14 to 15 inch laptop padded canvas laptop backpack         14 to 15 inch laptop backpack made of strong canvas











With two-fold design origins, this backpack draws inspiration from the ingenuity of mountaineers and hikers and historic families of Scotland. The Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack, designed in Melbourne and made from heavy duty canvas, brings a touch of adventure and exploration to every journey. Choose from Light Khaki, Charcoal Black or Navy Blue to suit your style.

Designed for Practicality

Featured on the face of our backpack, the iconic lash tab/pig snout attachment has been used throughout history to add functionality and practicality to bags. First adopted by mountaineers and hikers, adventurers would thread a strap through the lash tab and attach their pick axe to it for convenient access.

Navy blue 14 to 15 inch laptop canvas backpack designed in Australia

Now, synonymous with convenience and versatility, the lash tab features on functional backpacks of all high quality brands. More of an ornamental feature in the mainstream world of modern bags, many people don’t actually know what lash tabs on bags are for. But now you know!

At Proyager, our lash tabs are made of high quality leather. Strong and durable, you’re able to lash your spare pair of shoes, jacket or any lightweight item to your bag for added storage. For hardcore hiking and serious rugged adventures, we recommend opting for heavy duty gear engineered for maximum function and performance in battling all elements.

A Nod to the Past

The lash tab was popularised by Herschel Supply Co, one of the first prominent companies to include the feature in their designs. After delving into the co-founders of Herschel Supply Co’s Canadian brothers, Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, we discovered that their great grandparents had moved to central Canada in the early 20th century from Wick, Scotland. Deciding to honour the Scottish cultural heritage of the pioneers that popularised the lash tab, Herschel Supply Co designs became renowned with the now-iconic feature.

Charcoal black canvas backpack with padded sleeve for 14 to 15 inch laptops

Origins of the Ravenloch Name

The Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack was named after the origins of the lash tab. The raven appears on the Caithness County Flag, to which the town of Wick belongs. Lochs are heavily associated with the rugged and picturesque Scottish landscape and also symbolise the seas that Jamie and Lyndon’s ancestors travelled to settle in the towel of Herschel in Canada.

Inspired by the legacy of Herschel Supply Co, early adventurers and Scottish cultural heritage, we decided to feature the lash tab in our designs and name our bag after its Scottish origins.

Honouring Scottish Heritage and Achievements

Paying homage to the adventures of countless hikers, mountaineers and explorers – and the ingenuity of Scots in Australia and across the world – our Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack is designed for everyday use and travel.

 14 to 15 inch laptop canvas backpack

Shop the Ravenloch 14" to 15" Laptop Backpack in Light Khaki, Charcoal Black or Navy Blue.

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