Inspirational Soup: Camo Cuts New Perspectives with his Unique Angle

There's no end to possibilities in life when your ultimate goal is to travel the whole world, and share the experiences to enrich people's lives with a view to inspiring others to do the same and live life in every moment, every day. This goal may at first seem like a tall order, I mean, we're talking about travelling the WHOLE WORLD here, but Camo (Cameron Taylor) is determined to do just that, exploring our beautiful globe, one country at a time.

I met Camo through Instagram in 2016 when he approached me offering to take some wonderful shots of our bags in his travels. (You'll see some of his shots throughout our Instagram page with more to come). I loved his energy and that he had set several goals for himself, travel, business and personal, that he wanted to achieve. Some of the goals I know of since I met him he has certainly achieved beyond imagination! One of those was to become a brand ambassador and I was really chuffed when he contacted me to collaborate since his photography is nothing short of spectacular and I knew he would do my designs justice. Of course, this blog piece isn't about Proyager even though I wouldn't have met him without it. This piece is about a traveller, a storyteller, a photographer and all round really nice guy who sets goals and then takes the steps to achieve them, a true inspiration to all.

And it goes even deeper than this. Blogging about travels, taking amazing photos, experiencing life to the fullest extent and sharing this with the world is all well and good. It's the way you do it that makes the difference and Camo's approach to what we see every day in social media, on Instagram, in blogs, on Facebook, in life, is truly unique since he also chooses not to follow the well trodden paths and instead, chooses to find new paths, new adventures and experiences that he loves to inspire others by. You might find some snippets of places known to us in his blogs on his website (click here to visit), since what traveller doesn't visit those same places after drawing inspiration from others! But then he goes just that bit further and opens our minds to places no-one talks about, places very few people know to visit, places that are off the "where to travel, what to see and do" radars. It's these very places and experiences he shares with us that open our eyes to the new angles he loves to share, things that many of us may not appreciate at first until someone like Camo unveils the beauty of a place and makes us thirst to go there and see it for ourselves.

I asked Camo about his dreams for the future now that he has some of the world tucked quite securely under his belt, and this is what he shared with me:
"I want to air balloon over Burma in the next year, as well as trekking in Nepal and exploring more islands/natural wonders /cultural elements in Thailand and surrounding countries.
What's important to me is always having something to look forward to. I infatuate myself with the places I travel, preparing, reading reviews, sussing out what I think I want to do. Obviously this can be different when I get to the place. But I find that the places that other people like, often are not the highlights that I enjoy. I believe that a place is as much about the people you meet and travel with as it is the activities and sights that you are seeing. Sometimes the most "nothing happens here" places in the Lonely planet books have been my best days on the road".

And what do I take from all of this? So much!

1. I have a new friend who is a constant source of unique inspiration in travel and life (and sometimes a little bit of envy since I don't know how I will ever manage to travel to all of the places that I know Camo WILL travel to!)

2. I have a daily reminder to keep stepping forward, one step at a time to continue achieving my goals and making my dreams come true. Camo has achieved all of his goals thus far simply by doing what it takes to achieve them...dreaming big, then taking action.

3. I've also had the great pleasure of meeting another human being who approaches life with all of its adventures in a very similar way and in Camo's words: "...if it doesn't work the first time, take another shot!", and that's what life is all about isn't it? The key to living life as full as possible is to keep trying, keep experiencing, keep adventuring, and to keep looking at things from a different angle until you hit that sweet spot. And in all of that trying, you'll find so many sweet spots in places you never imagined you would find them, just off the beaten track.

Come join Camo at The Unique Angle on Instagram for that truly unique perspective. It won't take you long to see why I fell in love with following his life and travels on Instagram and before you know it, you'll be as addicted as I am for more!

Next month I'm excited to share another of my huge inspirations...a team of talented people I was lucky to meet close to the beginning of my popup shop journeys.

Until then, keep smiling and spread the love!


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