Inspirational Soup: Quackpot Media Cracking Creative!

Imagine this. Two people come to your popup store, the very first popup store you've run to give your business a chance at greater exposure since embracing this wonderful canvas bag venture months earlier, with very few connections I had made at that point in the great network of business, marketing and creation in general. I'd been so busy setting up this website, taking photos with my limited skills at that time, setting up my social media, designing new bags and having new bags manufactured and so much more that takes place around getting a business ready for public exposure again, I hadn't had a lot of time to actually get out to meet new people and network for the help I needed to move forward at a faster pace.

So, here were these two people, friendly, bubbly, a little nervous (just as nervous as I was too!), and they buy a bag each. One buys our Ikon DLSR camera canvas messenger bag in olive green, while the other buys our Naadi Weekender Duffle Bag in grey. And I still remember this because of what followed after. What followed? Well, about 2 hours after they had bought their chosen Proyager bags, they returned to my popup. These two human beings, buzzing with energy, buzzing with life, a hint of what was yet to come. We love your bags they said. We are photographers, filmmakers, social media managers, and we'd love to offer our services to you to help you grow your business. They were absolutely overflowing with ideas that were actually relevant to my business. I realised they'd taken the time in those 2 hours they were away since buying two bags to actually look through my social media, my website, everything about me. Their ideas were relevant and beyond what I'd imagined was possible. And as many business owners know through experience, many many offers come in to do this and do that for you, but they don't even take the time to know your name, to get to know your business, and simply start pitching without any sense of connection to your business concept. These two people really stood out to me. They were really different to anyone I'd come across by that stage.

So, we set up a meeting.They showed me their portfolio. BLOWN AWAY! And I proceeded to hire them to take some beautiful shots of our bags and create one of the most cinematically beautiful short video ads I have ever seen. Affordable? Yes. It's amazing that what was a chance meeting in a shopping centre, turned into something so much more. But not only are these people so creative, so deeply passionate, and so professional in the work they do, they offer affordable services in an effort to help small businesses succeed through the work they do. In fact, these people have worked their way so deep into my skin that I'm proud to call them friends. They are some of the most authentic people I've had the pleasure to meet who value friendships and family, and really care about the excellent quality of creative work they do. Who are these people you ask? Here they are:

 Liam Pa'apa'a  Emma Heib

And here is just some of the work they've done for me, for Proyager, that I love to rave about!:

Otzi Rucksack 13 inch laptop backpack greenDolce Vita Foldover handbag in charcoal

Harmony Weekender Duffle Bag in Olive Green  hiking with the Otzi backpack in green

Ravenloch 15 inch laptop backpack in navy blue
Not to mention the biggest highlight of all the work they've done for us to date, the beautiful, highly polished and creatively cinematographic video ad they created for Proyager that you can find via this link: Proyager Video

Liam and Emma have done work well beyond the work they've done for me and my small business of course. You can see a wonderful showcase of their work including work they've done for other small business and their extensive portfolio of work for cosplay communities on the Quackpot Media Facebook page. By clicking this link to their page, you'll be taken directly to their photos and videography.

It's hard to imagine not being inspired by these images and by the people behind these images, I highly recommend a visit to Quackpot Media's Facebook page. Just click the image below to be transported to this brilliant creative team and show your support by liking, following and of course hiring them for your next event, video ad and more!

Quackpot Media videography photography

Stay tuned next month for more inspiration and until then, keep smiling!

Much Love,



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