Proyager - Save on Luggage Costs: 5 Tips for Packing Light with Your Proyager

Save on Luggage Costs: 5 Tips for Packing Light with Your Proyager

How to pack light for travels and avoid heavy overflowing suitcases and bags

From weekends exploring Victoria’s coastline to month-long trips in Southeast Asia, packing light is not just cost-effective; it’s liberating. Without being weighed down (literally) by suitcases and bulky bags, with all of your belongings bursting out like some kind of volcanic eruption, you open yourself up to a world of freedom and spontaneity that comes with carrying less.

With a range of bags specifically designed for travel, we consider ourselves to be packing pros. Here are our top five tips for packing light on your next trip.

Tip 1: Go Easy on the Toiletries

When you’re packing toiletries, keep it simple and think about what you really need for travelling. While it’s tempting to throw in all of your favourite lotions, creams and treatments, the weight quickly adds up. All you really need is body and face wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and moisturiser packed into small travel-friendly bottles. If you can find 2-in-1 products, even better!

Smaller toiletry collections can tuck into storage compartments of travel-friendly totes, backpacks and bags, making transit easier and more comfortable.

Tip 2: Pack Versatile Clothes

While a colourful and bouncy skirt may look great on a night out, it’s perhaps not the most versatile clothing item for a trip away. When packing light, bringing versatile and functional clothing is your best bet.

You can’t go wrong with jeans and basic T-shirts in coordinating colours and comfortable boots or sneakers. If you might need something dressier, pack an accessory or lightweight shirt to dress up some of your more basic pieces.

Tip 3: Choose a Sturdy and Versatile Travel Bag

One of the most important factors of packing light is choosing the right travel bag. Opt for lightweight materials - like canvas - that offer sturdiness and durability.

At Proyager, we specialise in creating stylish, functional and long-lasting canvas bags. Designed specifically for light travelling, our range of travel bags offer convenient compartments and comfortable straps for easy travelling.

Our top travel picks are the Naadi Weekender Travel Bag and the Ötzi Ruksak 12" to 13" Laptop Backpack, fitting everything from clothes and toiletries to tech and souvenirs.

Tip 4: Avoid Rolling Your Clothes

While it might sound counterintuitive to light packing principles, you can pack lighter and bring less by not rolling your clothes. Rolling clothes allows you to stuff more into your bag, resulting in heavier loads and bringing more clothes than you need.


Only roll your clothes if you’re really cramped for space. Otherwise, simple folding does the trick and keeps your clothing smooth. By folding on your clothes at the start of your trip, you can always roll your clothes on your return trip to make room for keepsakes and mementos from your trip and gifts you've purchase for friends and family!

Tip 5: Ditch the Wheels

Wheels on bags allow you to roll your bag around, tricking you into packing more than you can comfortably carry on your shoulder or back. By ditching bags with wheels, you’re required to put more thought into packing light and minimising the amount of excess clothes, toiletries and accessories you bring.

Also, wheels aren’t always travel friendly. There’s no shortage of tourists struggling with wheeled bags on European cobblestones or bustling footpaths in Asia!

Shop for Light Travel Bags Online

Don’t get weighed down by bulky bags or over packing. Pick up and go with Proyager’s range of light, dynamic and convenient travel bags. Shop with us online or find us in markets around Melbourne and Australia.

 Wherever you choose to go, whatever you take with you, wishing you light and happy travels from the Proyager Team!


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