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Inspirational Soup: Camo Cuts New Perspectives with his Unique Angle

There's no end to possibilities in life when your ultimate goal is to travel the whole world, and share the experiences to enrich people's lives with a view to inspiring others to do the same and live life in every moment, every day. This goal may at first seem like a tall order, I mean, we're talking about travelling the WHOLE WORLD here, but Camo (Cameron Taylor) is determined to do just that, exploring our beautiful globe, one country at a time. I met Camo through Instagram in 2016 when he approached me offering to take some wonderful shots of our bags in his travels. (You'll see some of his shots throughout our Instagram page with more to come). I...

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Inspirational Soup: BellaRose: City Girl Goes Country

Sometimes, life opens the most surprisingly unexpected doors to people who inspire us to do more, to think more, experience more and grow, and to live life true to oneself, in every moment. Of all the wonderful people we’ve met so far, Bella Rose is one of those inspirational people. For such a young woman, she is wise beyond her years and one of those rare people we chance upon who seem to have already lived a few lives in a timeframe that many of us live just one.  We had the  pleasure of meeting her late last year and the first thing that struck us was her gentle, kind nature, with an underlying great strength that comes from having...

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