The Importance of Logging Off and Unplugging

Notifications, emails, calls, messages. Strange beeps. We’re plagued by nagging sounds both at home and at work. And, in winter, the pull of technology seems to get even stronger. Have you been hiding in your cave and sitting in front of your screen over this winter season? Have you become so attached to your devices that they're slowly becoming a part of you and you need surgery to have them removed? While you may be tempted to shut out the cold air and keep scrolling your news feed, why not try logging off and unplugging for the rest of this winter?

By switching off your phone, shutting your laptop screen and turning off the TV, you open yourself up to a world of fun, creativity and relaxation – even in the cold of winter. With endless social, emotional, psychological and physical benefits, temporarily ditching tech allows you to reset, find some balance and experience the best of life.  

Here’s how we recommend spending your tech-free time.

Attend a Winter Festival

From Shinjumatsuri Festival of the Pearl in Broome, Western Australia to the last couple of weeks left of the Winter Night Markets at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne, cities seem to come alive with adventures and activities to keep you warm and happy through winter.

Whether you’re interested in art, food, sports or entertainment, find a winter festival to explore and experience the best of your city. You still have time to get out there with two more weeks of beautiful winter left to make the most of!

Enjoy Good Food, Wine and Company

There’s no substitute for a great evening with friends and family. Why not plan a get together at home or organise a meal out with your inner circle? Ditch the tech and rummage through your cupboards for classic board games and activities like Cluedo, Monopoly, scrabble and a deck of cards. You could even set up charades for some guaranteed laughs.

After quality time spent with family and friends – tech free – you’ll feel nourished and refreshed from laughter and fun.

Get Creative

Always wanted to try pottery? Thinking of picking up painting again? Maybe you could try your hand at a cooking class or why not take up wood carving, creating your own unique masterpieces from offcuts or upcycling a pre-loved piece of furniture. Whatever your hobby, winter is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing. By switching off our tech, we make room in our minds to focus on new activities and learn new skills. Not only is creativity nourishing, our hands and minds work in unison to stay fully focused and committed to a project. Once you’ve created something of your very own, you’ll become addicted to the sense of accomplishment.

Find courses or classes in your local area or simply set up a space at home to dedicate some time and energy into doing what you enjoy.

Embrace Nature

There are some sights that you can only truly appreciate during winter and we have less than two weeks of it yet to enjoy! So rug up, pack a bag and get moving outside. Explore national parks and walking tracks in your local area to reach uninterrupted and stunning views of the best of nature. If you make your way up high enough, you might even see picturesque snow-topped mountains. To fully embrace the season, you could even spend an exhilarating weekend skiing down snowy hills in your nearest alpine resort.

If you live in Victoria, Visit Victoria is the perfect resource to discover local adventures exclusive to winter. For all of you lovely people across Australia, a good starting point to find your next adventure might be to visit your state and/or territory tourism website to find a wealth of resources local to you.

Hibernate in Some ‘Me’ Time

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by stress or an endless list of to-do’s, ‘me’ time can be a great way to completely relax and unwind. Run a bath, light some candles, grab a book, make some tea. Whatever you do, try to stay clear of technology in order to avoid distractions and demands.

Plus, ‘me’ time doesn’t have to be completely alone. Invite your partner or a friend to indulge in some quality time resting and relaxing – tech free.


Have you switched off your devices yet? If you're still reading this, then you haven't! Ok, just allow yourself a few more moments to find the next event or passtime that grabs you and then go, go go!!

...and enjoy the rest of your winter :)

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